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    ARMOR small black MOTHERboard of dragons green MOTHERboard of dragons white/black
    ARMOR small blackMOTHERboard of dragons greenMOTHERboard of dragons white/black
    CAGE glow LAVA DRAGON with armor
    CAGE glow LAVA DRAGON with armor3HEADED dragon glow

    *Glow cages will glow for 12 hours on a ten second charge.  They are available in a varity of colors.*


    Along time ago in the ancient past , a volcano erupted and out flew Maui. Hot tempered and always on fire, Maui is still learning the ways of the new world. Can you help train our newest lava dragon? Let's find out!!! 

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    3HEADED nonglow T-SHIRTS Neon Juvenile Dragons
    3HEADED nonglowT-SHIRTSNeon Juvenile Dragons

     Do not choose this option unless you have been asked to do so. Thanks!

    These shirts are pretty AWESOME! The wings on the back of the shirt GLOW IN THE DARK!!!!!

    The shirts are Jerzees Heavyweight Blend 50/50 and come in Adult Sizes Small, Medium, Large, and XL


    Neon Juvenile Dragons

    CAGE non glow Two Headed Dragon Zombie Dragon
    CAGE non glow Two Headed DragonZombie Dragon

    These are our standard cages. They come in a variety of colors.


     When one head just isn't enough.

    Don't worry, they only eat dragon brains. They come in an assortment of colors and in both glow and standard varieties.


    Orders Placed After December 17th will not be shipped out until after Christmas.


    Coming soon NEW LEAF ARMOR!!