Large Jeweled Armor - OUT OF STOCK!!!

*** OUT OF STOCK*** I DO NOT THINK THESE JEWELS WILL BE BACK ANYTIME SOON. I CAN NO LONGER FIND THE JEWELS I NEED TO MAKE THESE. This armor is made from hand-crafted leather and come in a variety of colors.  Each set of armor is adorned with a series of jewels on its helmet and plates, maiking it an elegent addition to our full grown battle dragon.  Each piece is individually hand painted and no two are alike. Be prepared to be surprised and delighted with your purchase as we cannot guarantee the design in advance.

Because of the wide number of combinations of armor color and jewel color it may take several weeks before a match may be created between the two. Please call ahead for availability or select "any" if you would prefer we select the jewel color from available stock.


Spiked Armor
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Price $50.00